Hatton Park Village Hall is located just outside Warwick and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The hall is large, light and airy and overlooks green space, with lots of parking available. I am passionate about building a yoga community in my local area and you can expect a warm welcome at any of my classes. My classes are fun and friendly; they are all mixed level and created with accessibility in mind – it is therefore easy for beginners to join at any time.


Vinyasa is a dynamic style of yoga, linking movement with breath. I teach in a fairly mellow style and at a moderate pace. I give lots of support and options; build challenges into every class, as well as opportunities to rest. This therefore enables you to be fully involved in the class, whilst practising at the level that feels right for you. My approach is functional with a greater focus on how the postures feel in your own body, rather than how they look. The movement of Vinyasa yoga builds strength, stamina and mobility. Whilst the focus on the breath brings peace to a busy mind.


Yin Yoga is very simple, but is incredibly beneficial for both body and mind. In a Yin class we hold basic postures for between 3 and 5 minutes, becoming soft and still. As a result, tension is released from the connective tissue of the body, promoting an amazing sense of wellbeing. You should leave a Yin class feeling very relaxed and pretty limber. A Yin practice complements more active forms of movement – not only yoga, but running, cycling, weight training, HIIT and so on. Yin Yoga is also a mindfulness practice – cultivating stillness in the postures helping us to focus our attention inwards.

All photographs taken by John Hammond during dog walks in Hatton.

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