Feeling Unwell

Please stay at home if you feel at all unwell. If you have symptoms of coronavirus – a high temperature, persistent cough or a loss of taste and smell – please arrange to be tested before returning to class. If you have been to a class and subsequently test positive for coronavirus, please let me know as soon as possible. I will set a very low bar for cancellation if I am unwell.

The Hall

On arrival, please enter through the front door as usual and immediately sanitise your hands. The sanitiser will be on the table in the foyer. When it is time to leave the hall we will exit through the fire exit. Please be assured that the hall have put a strict cleaning regime in place and all hirers must clean frequent touch points at the start and end of their hire period.  Nevertheless, it would be sensible to avoid touching door handles, light switches, windows and so on. The toilets will be open – there will be a vacant/in use sign on the door for you to turn around as you enter and leave. This ensures only one person is in the toilets at a time. The kitchen will be closed – please bring water from home.

Social Distancing

Please follow government advice. Numbers will be strictly limited to 12 (plus me) and mats should be placed at least 2 metres apart. I will not walk around the room or use hands on adjustments.  

Face Coverings

Please follow government advice. It is not practical to wear a face covering during a yoga class. I will wear a mask until I reach my mat, remove it for the duration of the class and put it back on afterwards. I suggest you do the same, but this is not compulsory. If you prefer to keep your mask on, of course this is fine too. 

Pre-booking and Payment

To ensure we do not exceed the maximum number we can safely fit into the hall, pre-booking will now be essential. As I will now need to operate a more formal waiting list, I am also going to ask for pre-payment, with no refunds if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. This means we can reduce the number of items we need to bring with us and prevent everyone waiting in line to check in and pay. Discounted class passes will still be available. All of this will be organised through the bookings section of the website. 

Track and Trace

As I take all your details and check you into classes through my booking system, you do not need to use the official government track and trace. If you wish to log in with the government app there are QR codes displayed in the hall.

Personal Belongings

Please bring as little as possible with you to class. 

Hand Washing

Toilets will be open – please touch as little as possible with your bare hands. The kitchen will be closed. Hand sanitiser will be provided by the hall and located in the foyer. I will bring an additional bottle for use in the main hall. Feel free to bring your own if this helps you to feel safer.

Yoga Mats and Props

I have decided that it is safest to no longer lend out my mats and props – please bring your own mat and/or props if you have them. I have some mats, blocks, bricks and straps available for purchase at a very discounted rate – these are only very lightly used and will be thoroughly cleaned. Contact me for more details. 


Windows will be open. It would be sensible to wear layers and bring a blanket for savasana.


I want you to feel safe in my classes. I am working within government guidelines – full information can be found here:  The hall have completed a full risk assessment and I am also working within their guidelines, as well as adding a few points of my own. If you want to talk anything through, please get in touch.


It is no secret that I am passionate about the ability of yoga to make everything better. Yoga is a real tonic when it comes to this situation we all find ourselves in. Yoga helps to build a strong and resilient body, improves breathing, supports the immune system and down regulates the nervous system, helping with feeling of stress and anxiety. All of this is backed up by science. Also key to yoga is the sense of community it brings – it will be so lovely to see you in person, albeit socially distanced. For those of you who still do not feel ready, I will continue to teach over Zoom once a week on Friday mornings at 10.15am.